Dear Senator Cruz,

We are writing to you to respectfully request that you attend the town hall at TSU on Saturday, 15 April 2017. We are happy and open to discussing the details with your staff, but first, let us introduce ourselves.

We are educators, nurses, paralegals, scientists, stay-at-home moms, managers, bankers, contractors, attorneys, retirees, small business owners, doctors, and social workers. We care for our children, our sick and aging parents, our neighbors, and our communities. Some of us are religious and some of us are not, but what unites us is a deep love of this country, this state…and a deep and abiding faith that we, as Americans, can always do better…together.

Our belief in dialogue, in finding workable solutions, in engaging democratically, led us to organize a town hall. American can-do and ingenuity tells us, “When you can’t get something done…do it yourself.” So we raised $5,000, not by finding corporate sponsors, but by asking average Texans to spare what they could. The largest donation was $200, the smallest $2. Texans are invested in this state and will give whatever they can, in whatever way they can, to make it better.

We know Texas is a great state, and a leader in industry and  nnovation. But we also know that Texas leads the developed world in maternal mortality and sits near the bottom in national education quality rankings. Mothers, babies, and children need us to work together and begin the discussions that are so vital for the health and well-being of all Texans.

We are resilient, we are tenacious, and we are inventive. We have faith as Texans that we can mend what is broken in this state and work together to make Texas a national and international leader in education, health care services, social justice, environmental policies, industry, and innovation.

We believe that you care about Texas and its well-being, too. Show us and your other 25,000,000 constituents that this belief is not misguided. Show us that you believe in Texas and Texans. Show up on Saturday, 15 April and let’s begin the conversation.

Your TX Constituents