With the media's help, we're getting closer to finding Ted Cruz! Here's what people are saying about us. If you've seen us in the news (or if you'd like to talk to us), let us know.

Your posters were first spotted on Reddit.
The Patch and the Chronicle have both seen them as well.
 A reporter with The Chronicle even followed a group of constituents as they fliered a Montrose neighborhood.
The Chronicle article above is the source of the now-famous quote:
"Wait. That’s not a cat. That’s Ted Cruz."
The campaign has spread outside of Houston, with the Austin American-Statesman and even a news outlet in Boston taking notice.
Most recently, Texans' search for Ted Cruz has even gotten attention from national media!
And another article from the Chronicle summarizes our efforts.


The Chronicle's write-up of the event itself
Antonio's interview with Medium regarding Ted Cruz